Фома Больший (rutopist) wrote,
Фома Больший

Кондопожская песня

Братишка из города-героя Кондопоги прислал песенку:

wish I was small in sunny days
a summer light breeze could lead me further
someone would call from beyond the maze
of winter freeze and draw me to her
eyes that are grey can't see behind the stains
of blurring stars and bleeding sun
I wish I could stay or silence the rain
the solid bars of all that's undone

nights in the snow when all you know
is a velvet breath and all you long for
light is the stain a ball without a chain
the sweetest death might make you strong
your gaze becomes ice two crystal rollerdice
the trembling ground what have you done
I wish I could wake as the walls start to quake
from the impossibe sound of air that leaves the sun
a summer breeze begun
of air that leaves the breathing sun

...я в каком-то странном депрессивном восторге! =)
Tags: меломания, экзистенция
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