Фома Больший (rutopist) wrote,
Фома Больший

Не, эта парочка круче Аббы! =)

Ибо текстики-то вызывающе метафизические...
Ру.попса таким бы подавилась! =)

Overnight our worlds went flat
Can't do this and can't do that
Long live mediocrity
Greater than the deep blue sea

Eternity is at an end
We have no more gods to send
No one longer hears our prayers
We are left to our despair

Eternity is at an end
There are no more rules to bend
We have played our final card
Killed the play in which we started

Freedom has been torn to shreds
Three cheers for the newlydeads
Honor doesn't mean a thing
Empty words a pleasant ring

Tags: меломания

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